Common Questions about Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons for Children of All Ages & Abilities | Good Swim!

Q: How much do swimming lessons cost?
A: $170-185 per person for a two week course.

Q: How long have you been teaching swimming lessons?
A: I have taught swimming lessons for more than 30 years. I’ve even had the honor of teaching the children of children I taught years go.

Q: What method do you use?
A: I use a developmental model tapping into the children”s natural reflexes, i don’t believe ┬áin flotation devices except in rivers lakes and the surf.

Swimming Lessons for Children with Disabilities | Good SwimQ: When do you first submerge the kids?
A: The first day unless there is a medical reason not to.

Q: Has there ever been a serious accident in your pool?
A: No! safety is a critical part of the curriculum.

Q: Are the parents involved.
A: yes. Often grandparents, nannies, nurses, physical therapists and siblings.

Q: Are there any children you won’t work with?
A: Not unless they are medically unsafe to be in the pool.

Swimming Lessons for Children in San Antonio, Texas | Good SwimQ: What about sun screen?
A: Yes, please don’t use titanium oxide formulas because they confuse the sensor that converts the salt water.

Q: Do you teach stroke classes or just non-swimmers?
A: All levels.

Q: Do you teach private lessons?
A: I have but it is cost prohibitive and I truly believe children do better when they learn in a group setting.